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5k/10k Races Raise Record Total for Helpers Fund

start of 2003 races

And they're off! The fifth annual Helpers Fund's Chestertown 5k/10k gets off to a fast start on Sept. 27. Town Supervisor Fred Monroe was the honorary starter, and gave the runners their send-off.

Two hundred and six runners got off to a good start on Saturday, September 27 at the Helpers Fund's 5k/10k Races. These races were part of the Adirondack Distance Festival Weekend, which concluded with the running of the Adirondack Marathon the next day.

Fund Raising
More than $3,500 was raised by the races, which will go into the Fund's Medical and Hardship Program which assists individuals and families who are facing difficult times. "The races are fun events," said Carl Lamm, director of the Fund. "But the money raised by them takes on a special meaning when you realize every dollar goes to people who are in extreme need."

No Records This Year
Last year three records were set: overall 10k, and two records in two different divisions in the 5k. All three record setters raced again this year, but no new records were set. Overall 10k record holder Craig Fischberg, of Ballston Spa captured the overall 10k title again this year, while Derrick Staley of Ballston Lake, and Ryan Brown of Schenectady also maintained their titles. Derrick won the overall 5k title while Ryan finished second to Derrick in the 5k. "One of these years I'm going to catch Derrick," Ryan said after the race. "I almost had him this year," he went on to say.

2003 racer Weather was a factor. The forecast was for showers and there were 35 "no-shows" and 14 cancellations prior to the race. But the showers did not arrive, and the race got off on time. The runners were impressed by the efficiency of the volunteers, and Barbara Hunt of Jay, NY said, "Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I had such a good time. I can't wait for next year."

Above - Runner Craig Fischberg of Ballston Spa, NY crosses the finish line,
setting a course record in the 10K race

Here, There And Everywhere
Once again, runners came from all geographical areas. There were runners from Calgary, as well as from Ontario and Quebec. Four runners from the African country of Burundi were "no shows," but there were runners from Cincinnati, Ohio, Fairfax, VA, as well as those from Vermont and Massachusetts. After the races a number of runners came in to thank the volunteers who were helpful along the course. Once again our hats are off to Mary Jane Dower who headed the volunteer committee.

Awards Ceremony Still Needs Work
The new computer system worked well but there were still delays between the end of the races and the awarding of certificates. Plans are already in the works to solve that problem for next year. The Committee which worked on the results and the awards has already met to discuss and work on solutions to prevent delays which seem to be in getting the certificates in order. One of the volunteers who worked inside on the results said, "there were almost 89 certificates which had to have names written on them." The new computer and the race program worked very well, and Linda Warner who worked with the program had only three days to familiarize herself with it. The results came out quickly.

Special Thank Yous
Special thanks to Carl & Judy Johnson for their tireless work on setting up their tent and supplying the food for the runners; and, to Diana Evans at Nice & Easy for the water. And, to Mary Jane Dower for assigning the volunteers and having everything run perfectly, and for her and Frank's work on Friday and Saturday at registration. And, to Peter Mulreany and Janet Barnhart for the extra work they did on Friday night; we'd still be there if it weren't for them; and, the extra work Barbara Repp did on Friday and Saturday. Linda Warner deserves extra thanks for getting out the results out so quickly. Thanks to Sue Griffen for putting up with all the confusion and keeping an even keel and coming up with the right solution at the right time. And to Mary Matrose, Edna Wells, Beth Cole, and Lynn Bennett who worked with Linda in getting out the results and the certificates.

The Volunteers That Made The Races Work

  • Volunteer Capt: Mary Jane Dower
  • Finish Line: Sue Griffen
  • Helpers: Ed Hardman, Sheila Ellsworth, Dick Tennyson, Linda Forand, J.C. Palermo, Linda Foman
  • Computer: Linda Warner
  • Inside: Sue Griffen, Mary Matrose, Beth Cole, Edna Wells, Carl Lamm
  • Course Volunteers: Rosanna Tennyson, Paul Forand, Paul Roman, Frank Dower, Barbara Repp, Bob Lamm, Brace Hodgson, Judy Perry, Janet Nieradka, Barbara Smith, Marv Cole, Ron Fink, Janet Barnhart, Peter Mulreany, Nadine MaGee, Mary Grace Findholt, Pam Vogel, Teresa Breuer, Lynn Bennett, Elwood Findholt
  • Food & Drink: Judy Johnson & Carl Johnson
  • Water Supplies: Diana Evans
  • Water Stop: Richard Hanaburgh & the Boy Scouts.
The Board of Directors would like to thank each and every one of the volunteers for a job well-done!

Helpers Fund 5K-10K Races

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